"about me"

I don't identify myself as a traditional photographer; instead, I use various cameras, whether digital or film, to capture manufactured  moments. I often transform these images, turning them into black and whites, adjusting color bands, or creating collages from multiple photos. I add textures, tweak contrasts, and manipulate proportions—all to express my artistic concepts.

When it comes to models, I don't have specific preferences for body type, age, look, or ethnicity. Beauty, in my eyes, radiates from within. I've had the privilege of collaborating with diverse models from around the world who resonate with my work. Their desire to work with me serves as a deep well of inspiration. They are my muses.

My greatest aspiration is for people to find meaning and enrichment in my work. I hope that someone discovers or learns something from my creations that helps them grow as individuals.

As for my choice of nudes, I pride myself  in the belief that the human body, in all its forms, is a reflection of the divine. It's a symbol of perfection, a spiritual and holy entity. Regardless of size, weight, appearance or sexual identity: every human body is a testament to this perfection.

selfie at age of Ai


My earliest memories of creating art trace back to my childhood, guided by my mother as she taught me to craft paper into human forms. These simple paper cuts were my first foray into creative expression. During my teenage years at a youth camp, I was entrusted with running the art department, a pivotal moment that led me to choose a major in fine arts in school.

Achieving higher education in Iran was no small feat. I had to pass special entrance exams in addition to the standard county-level exams. I secured admission to a graphic design school, a significant accomplishment. I was the first in my family to attend college in Iran. To gain entry, I took art classes in local studios, an invaluable part of my education.

I also had the privilege of attending the Pratt Institute in NY, where I learned from some of the world's finest master artists and architects. This experience shaped my thinking and creative abilities. I consider my creative mind a gift from God, the universe, something I hold in high regard.

During my time in New York City, I had the opportunity to work in the fine art industry. I served as an assistant to artists, helped set up studios, and contributed to the growth of art galleries in both Soho, New York City, and Los Angeles, California. I also worked for companies specializing in art handling, allowing me to handle some of the world's most renowned artworks firsthand.

behind the scene , Santa Monica Museum of Art

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