goddess project

The Goddess Project originally began as a concept that I initiated with my artist friend, RedNancy, many years ago. We used to place advertisements in local newspapers, offering our unique photography services to ordinary women in our community. Those who didn't typically have access to such facilities would come to us and pose, embodying their fantasies, superhero personas, or deities, and in doing so, they experienced a profound transformation. 

The photographs empowered them by allowing them to visualize themselves in these roles. My partner was primarily responsible for designing the sets, while I handled the technical aspects of photography and editing. She had a remarkable talent for putting people at ease and bringing out their best for the photographs.This experience was invaluable and, in the years that followed, helped me in working with models. 

Later on, I continued this project with my own models, and the collection you see here features professional models who have posed for me throughout my artistic career. Often, I couldn't help but feel that these models were like the reincarnations of ancient goddesses and temple priestesses.