classic figurative

"At the very beginning of my artistic journey, I discovered that life drawing was the foundational practice that taught me to synchronize the eye, hand, mind, and, ideally, the heart.
This art form became my sanctuary; whenever I felt disconnected, I could return to drawing and realign myself, creating art once more.

Shooting classic figurative nudes was a similar yet distinct lesson. It required the skill to operate the camera with my hands, mind, and eye while adhering to classic art principles like composition and lighting.

You might wonder why I focus on nudes. I realized long ago that humanity's perception of the human body has evolved throughout generations and across history.
As the Bible suggests, we were created in God's image, and as such, the human body represents a divine, natural essence, something inherently holy and awe-inspiring. My work aims to encapsulate this concept.

The images within this gallery are a visual representation of my artistic journey, where life drawing and figurative nude photography converge to celebrate the sacred beauty of the human form."